Exfoliation |

Gently rid the skin from dead cells to obtain a healthy, velvet touch. The cell is born from the germination layer, goes up slowly to the surface during its lifetime which lasts approximately 28 days, then dies. Without adapted care, the surface of our skin is thus full of dead cells which clog up the pores, stop the living cells from breathing, are of dull and irregular color and, finally, prevent the active agents of cosmetic products from penetrating.

BIOLINE | Facial Peeling

The essential gesture for in-depth cleansing of the pores, to refine the grain of the skin and to prevent the appearance of small pimples.

DERMALIS | Emollient Scrub Cream

A smooth texture that gently rids the skin of dead cells without abrasion.

PURIFIA | Facial Earth

Cleans, purifies, clears up the uneven dye, removes dead cells in-depth and dries pimples.



Last modification: 05-08-15