BIOLINE | Beauty for the Compound Skin

The compound skin combines the characteristics of the oily skin on the median zone (face, nose, chin), richer in sebaceous glands than the remainder of the face, and those of the dry skin on the cheeks. The cheeks require comfort, softness and glow, while the median zone dreams only of very light, sebum regulating textures and anti-blackheads. BIOLINE is used alone for compound skin and in combination with PURIFIA, for oily skin.

BIOLINE | Day Cream

Every day's "freshness" protection

BIOLINE | Night Cream

Every night's perfect treatment for the compound skin


Refines the grain of the skin and tightens the pores

BIOLINE | Facial Peeling

The essential gesture for in-depth cleansing of the pores, to refine the grain of the skin and to prevent the appearance of small pimples


Last modification: 05-08-15