Subjected to an intense cutaneous vascularization, the sensitive skin, except in a state of crisis, generally presents pretty pink cheeks. When it is not too dry, one can even have the impression that the face looks good. Its sensitivity is not a pathological state but an observation. However, when we have a sensitive skin, we rarely go backwards. The causes of the sensitive skin are a defective hydrolipidic barrier, vascular disorders and the release, by the nerve endings of the skin, of neurotransmitters, responsible for the feelings of discomfort and irritations. For a return to a state of calm, it is essential to control microcirculation, to alleviate the feelings of irritation and to isolate the skin from the external aggressions by reinforcing its barrier function.

DERMALIS | Day Cream

Every day protector, decreases sensitivity, boosts hydration and provides unequalled comfort

DERMALIS | Night Cream

The soft and natural soother for every night


Fresh, hydrating and calming: the skin is regenerated and immediately relaxed


The soft serum to calm, regenerate and protect

ORLIGNE | Horse Chestnut Serum

Enhances microcirculation, avoids the appearance of new redness, calms, hydrates and relieves congestion

ORLIGNE | Gel-Mask with Horse Chestnut

The delicious gel that soothes and gives immediate freshness


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