FUTURA | The Youth Care to Prevent from Premature Skin Aging

First big enemy of the skin and responsible for premature ageing: free radicals generated by pollution and UV rays. By combining anti free radicals, antioxidants, vitamins and hydrating elements, FUTURA protects the skin from inside. Thanks to its elastin contents, it cures the loss of elasticity and combats effectively the cutaneous sagginess. The disappearance of elastin fibers is compensated, the tensor effect is immediate.

FUTURA | Day Cream

Deep protection all day long

FUTURA | Night Cream

A cocktail for skin's youth that is even more rejuvenating than a night of deep sleep


30 minutes to prevent the marks of time

FUTURA | Cure Serum

High requirements serum to invigorate the skin, protect it from the inside and renew it in-depth

Orligne | Cell-Repair

A daily lifting, regenerating, repairing and extremely efficient tensor effect


Last modification: 05-08-15